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We are more than just a Logistics Company, we’re real people, just like you. Our process is simple: we take the time to get to know you, and we always keep your best interests in mind. We strive everyday to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. At Bolt Xpress, our primary focus is to be an extension of your company. 

Bolt Xpress provides an exceptional

on-demand shipping service out of 

Roanoke, Virginia as well as our sister 

company in Solon and Davenport, Iowa - 

Bolton Logistics. 

We understand that the important things

to businesses need to be done NOW.

Our goal is to provide a local option that

businesses can trust in for their most

important work. 

​What sets us apart from other Virginia and Iowa logistics companies is that we don’t hand your delivery off to a third party to get the job done. Our fleet of vehicles will serve your specific needs, and our TSA certified drivers will provide you with the best service possible.​ 


Our Services

A team of on-demand logistics experts helping your business succeed.

Proud Member of:

Sub- Contractor Delivery Driver w/ Box Truck & Lift Gate 
Bolt Express (Bolton Logistics) - Roanoke, VA
$15 - $20 an hour - Sub - Contractor

Job Summary

Position as "Delivery Driver" is to represent Bolton Logistics and our customers well to their customers. Bolt Xpress is a "last mile" "third party logistics" company. This means that we deliver to the door products for our customers which are the vendors. Sometimes we leave it at the door - sometimes we go inside and assemble what was delivered. The customer at the door is (for the most part) not our customer but is the customer of our customer. You follow? In short- we deliver what the other guys can't or wont deliver. Our company thrives on providing excellent services. Do you like driving? We are a thriving small business right here in Roanoke, VA and we are looking for self-motivated, smiling, team working, and driven individuals who are looking to start a career with Bolt Xpress!

As a sub-contractor for Bolt Xpress, you will be self- employed. This means you are responsible for your own vehicle, gas, maintenance, and taxes. When we get a job that comes in we call you and ask you if you want the work. If not, you can turn it down with no obligation. That being said, we are looking for people who will accept the work. Our biggest need right now is a sub- contractor with a box truck that has a lift gate attached. I am also interested in hiring a sub- contractor that has a cargo van and/or a economy vehicle with lots of room (p.t. cruiser/ HHR/ jeep/ van/ etc.).

Responsibilities and Duties

Driving, Driving, Driving! If you don't enjoy being on the road ------ > not the job for you.

Heavy lifting. Thankfully we have the technology to help us out, but you will still be lifting 50+ pound objects.

People Skill- you need to be able to be friendly and sociable at the door. We don't hire jerks.

Navigating- keep yourself on track with your day. For the most part you will always be by yourself unless it is a 2 man job.

Qualifications and Skills

You must:

-be at least 18 years old.

-have a clean driving record. It doesn't have to be perfect..

-pass a drug test and background check.

-have a drivers license.

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  • 3PL Services
  • Rush Same Day Pickup and/or Delivery
  • Next Day Pickup and/or Delivery
  • Daily Route Pickup and/or Delivery
  • "Less than a Truck Load" Services
  • Warehousing and Storage​
  • ​Document Transfers for Insurance companies, Banks and Legal Offices

Our mission to you

"Excellence Delivered!"

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Who we are

Our Services

"Our mission is to provide a last mile delivery service and inventory management solution to Eastern Iowa and Central Virginia; not limited to one way, but provides many unique solutions that conform to the customers needs."

 This mission serves so that we can represent and be an extension of YOUR business or products.

Roanoke, VA Warehouse

-be a high school graduate.

-be awesome and ready to crush it.

Stay in the know with our integrated ShipTrack app! With a simple scan, you will never have to wonder where your shipment is at. Know exactly when your order has been delivered right at the time of delivery with no delay. Free service provided to any customer who request! 

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  • Fulfillment (Critical Parts)
  • Palletizing, Banding, and 

  • Scanning and Live Tracking
  • Small/Large Office Supply Delivery
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Delivery
  • Time Sensitive Lab Transportation
  • Cross Docking and Distribution
  • Mail Distribution 
  • White Glove In Home Delivery 

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